I was looking for a coach who could support me in both my personal and professional growth and Gillian more than delivered. She helped me overcome my lack of confidence as a manager and worked with me to raise my awareness of deeply rooted beliefs that have prevented me from stepping forward in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking positive change.

Gillian brings her A-game to every coaching session. If you are looking for a coach who will provide a space for critical thinking and forward planning with measurable results, please consider working with Gillian Faith.

Gillian provided incredible warmth and support during our coaching sessions. In our work together, I faced many obstacles in personal relationships and stress at work. I felt instant connection and trust. Through her thoughtful guidance, I am more aware of my patterns in thoughts, feelings and behavior. Now I am happier in my relationship, and more productive and focused at work. I highly recommend Gillian as a coach!

Gillian's training sessions were not only engaging, but also deeply insightful as she created an environment where CompTeam members felt comfortable exploring their own thought patterns and discovering new perspectives and mindsets. Gillian's ability to explain complex concepts with clarity and enthusiasm is truly commendable and quite helpful in learning. As a result of the training, CompTeam has not only improved individual outlooks but also our collective mindset. We're more resilient, adaptable, and better equipped to handle challenges, both personally and professionally. Gillian's program has ignited a positive transformation within our team, where we are able to recognize what is triggering an internal negative response and how to stop that response, pause, and redirect negative thoughts/feelings. CompTeam is excited to continue applying these principles both at home and at work.